TWS i12 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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TWS i12 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

One of the most attractive clones, along with its features and price, is that the i12 TWS. Airpods share a good number of functions and with anesthetics practically identical to the originals. Inside these headphones we have the batteries and connection chips, but they lose the optical sensors of the AirPods, so they do not disconnect when we remove them.

With an identical design line, the headphones turn out to be comfortable, light, and with a support to avoid accidental falls. The i12 TWS headphones support movements very well, they can even be used for sports activities such as running or weight training. They present the characteristic white color of the original model, also in the cargo box.

The autonomy of the wireless headphones is vital to consider a value for money. With the i12 TWS we are talking about up to 2 hours of autonomy at a high rate. If we listen to music at low volume or podcasts we could reach almost 3 hours. 1 year warranty …


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