Stylish Hobo’s Hand Bags with Personal Care kit and Magnetic Watch


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The sling belt is a combination of PU weaved into a Sling Bag. It has 2 compartments and 1 pocket. A classy and stylish sling perfect for parties and clubbing, or for casual daily use.


Enrich your look with this Handbag & Chain Sling Bag available on SHINE GULF . SHINE GULF offers handbags in every style, shape and color. It’s a perfect accessory for your outfits. Match it with pair of heels/sandals to give complete look.

It is impossible to describe a perfume according to its components because the formulas are kept secret. Even if the formulas are known, the ingredients are often too numerous to provide a useful classification. Cognoscenti can, however, generally get a handle on the principal ingredients. On the other hand, it is possible to group perfumes into collective families and describe them through the notes that appear as they slowly evaporate. Perfumes can also be classified according to their concentration.

This body Gel wash gives you 8 hour complete odor protection. Its soap free formula body wash is made from naturally derived ingredients and plant derived cleansers. Ideal For Men & Women.

Gift your skin the goodness of this Hydration Body Lotion for all day long smooth skin.

It soothes dry and irritated skin and leaves you with comfortable, soft skin.

Step 1
Dispense the body lotion into the palm of your hand.

Step 2
Gently massage the lotion onto your skin.

Step 3
Apply evenly all over the body.

Step 4
Use daily to give your skin the perfect results

Product selling point:

The Magnetic Buckle not only comfortable to wear, but also a variety of colors to choose from.
The new large dial is more luxury and attractive
High hardness tempered glass, high quality is your best choice
Suitable for any occasion
Easy to match
It is the best gift

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Weight 10 kg

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