Branded GJBY Wireless Bluetooth Neckband and Huawei Ear-Phone


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Neckband designed:
TPU Bendable extremely comfortable neckband, Your neck won’t hurt after wearing neckband and the suitable earplugs for whole days traveling and working
IPX5 waterproof:
Light rain or sweat is not a problem, do not wear it in pouring rain or soak it in the water
Intelligent magnetic design:
Comfortable in-ear earbuds, Decreases the burden on your ears and fixed the handset in the magnetic position when not in use
HD Voice, Lower the Noise: Noise reducing technology of Bluetooth earphones will help you to filter the background noise. Make calls anywhere you like – noise reducing technology will guaranty the clearance of the voice and a high quality stereo sound.
Enjoy your music- enjoy your life:
You won’t feel any pressure while walking or going into your favorite sports with headphones. Lightweight, ergonomic 3D neckband is made of soft material is made for you to get maximum pleasure of using it. Easy reached control button allows quickly adjust the volume and switch up the song.
Keeps you connected to your smartphone wherever you go:
The bluetooth headphones allow you enjoy up to 12hours of non-stop working mode and 48 hours of standby mode


HUAWEI Half In-Ear Earphones
High-quality sound: multiple vent holes for a high-fidelity music and call experience. Rear air vents: better mid-range performance / air intake vent: enhanced bass output
Great acoustics:Comfier and more adaptable than other in-ear earphones thanks to their unique ergonomic design Rich, snappy bass for a soothing, mellow sound Clear, resonant mid-range rendering a textured timbre to vocals A textured high end which isn’t too shrill. Good frequency response and balance for a high-fidelity listening experience
HiFi experience: the AM115 creates an all-encompassing HiFi experience with lush, crisp and enjoyable sound across the entire frequency range
Dynamic melody: a dual speaker box built-in earbuds to immerse the senses. These speakers have permanent magnets and a well-designed vibration system for powerful responsive sound reproduction
Comfortable ear feeling: the AM115 combines the merits of both in-ear and traditional earphones. Ear canal shape analysis helps to deliver an optimal shape for the earbuds, making for a snug, comfortable fit
Three-button control: responsive, easy-to-use three-button in-line control, you can answer or reject a call easily
Fashion appearance: PC material, simple, elegant and wear-resistant
Nice packaging: sleek, portable storage box. Say goodbye to tangled cables and protect your earphones”

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