Gifts Of Clock with Photo Frame and for Home Living Room Bedroom


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House Of Gifts Of Clock With Photo Frame And for Home Living Room Bedroom, If you are looking for something that will add an ethnic vibe to your room settings, then look no more because this Clock is the most appropriate choice to do that. Its design is classic and it is authentic crafted with absolute simplicity and elegance that enhances its features. The clock comprises of roman integrals craved on the inner surface of its circular face, adding a tinge of ruggedness to its overall appearance. It is designed with authentic features and contemporary finesse which bring a very sophisticated look to the structure in totality. Craved with supreme quality clock, the item does not succumb to consistent wear and tear and is bound to last for a very long time in proper working conditions. Also act as a wonderful decoration for your home and office. Note: This is a sand timer made for games. It is not a precision timing device, so there is time deviation.


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