Aromatic Blend of Eau De Parfum | Premium Long Lasting Fragrance Spray | Perfume For Unisex | Perfect Gift Combo – 100ml


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About this item

  • Item Weight: 100 ml
  • Scent Type: Aromatic 
  • Long lasting fragrance and suitable for casual wear
  • While this strong fragrance works best as party wear but can also complement other occasions- formal or casual.
  • EDP or Eau de Parfum is your best pal. Whether you are travelling, going to the office for an urgent meeting, or spending a laid-back Sunday at a friend’s place, a versatile EDP will never fail you. While it is essential to have an excellent scented Eau de Parfum, it is also vital that the product is friendly on your skin.
  • Shine Gulf brings one of its finest products for Unisex. The perfume-based EDP is one of the most elite perfumes for Unisex, launched by a brand recently. With its panache for exclusivity and use of pure natural ingredients, the EDP is one that suits all skin types and is just right for each day.
  • Travel-friendly, you can carry the EDP with you, anywhere. The 100ml bottle comes in a fascinating phial packing. The subtle black bottle is a must-have and is known for its long-lasting perfume daylong fragrance. Never too overbearing or too firm; you will fall in love with its intense, sophisticated aroma. It is going to be an instant hit within your coterie!
  • One of the unique propositions of the EDP is that it does not contain any gas fragrance. So, unlike other Eau de Parfum that you get in the market, this premium EDP has been designed as an authentic spray perfume meant for spraying at the pulse points. A simple dab on the key points is enough for effect to set in.
  • The EDP serves a rich blend and composition to keep you smelling good and feeling active all day. Filled with natural ingredients’ essence. The vividness of its scent is ideal for wearing it to the office in the morning and a dinner event in the evening. What makes it an obvious choice is the masculine undertone that remains with you for the rest of the day.

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